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I am a Hairstylist and I have been working  at  Uptown Salon and Spa for many years, and now I am moving over to Mystic, CT.  I have loved my years at Uptown and all the friends I have made and worked with.

I have been doing men and women’s

hair since 1997.

The hair industry has had so many interesting  and new changes over the years.  It makes taking care of your hair and looking great so much easier when your Stylist is involved

with all of these new techniques, styles and


Also,, the newest products help give your haircuts the hold and texture that really finishes the look you are trying to achieve.

If you are  tired of getting the Same old haircut, why not come over to SHA~BAM! and ask for me.   I would love to  give you a new look for this coming season!



Melanie Buck



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Personal Motto:

“Whatever it is you are doing, work at it Whole-souled.”


MELANIE BUCK  is now working

at SHA-BAM’S in Mystic, CT.